Hello James!

You ignored my letter about to show me diabotical pre alpha, and this is your 1st mistake, don't make 2nd! Yes, they are PRO players, but many of them just idiots in mode-making and giving good feedback. They are not crative!

If you want to impress 35 years old quakers you need to make good duel mode with innovations. I'm not talking about 13 yo kids, they have their CA duel mode from you already.

Not enought If you just show us QL 1x1 with all shit like Imba spawns, wrong maps (hectik,aerowalk,dm6, toxicity...do you know why that maps wrong right? ;) of course you not ), 2 armors and etc...You need something more.

So there some ideas for you to think and FINISH. Don't know what you prepare for 1x1 games, you so silent btw.

1- 200/200 all weapons at 1st game players-spawn.(Fixes unbalanced spawns a bit)

2- 2-3 schemes spawn chemes(during all game) for armors and MH and weapons. example RA on MH and MH on RA. YA on RA and RA on YA etc. Same with weapons(may be). (Idea comes from promode(q3) forum)

3- Instead of selectable spawns, which i suggest earlier, now i suggest: during game you can choose spawn point anywhere you want, just by pressing key, when you alive. (fixes spawnrape a bit). 1-N spawn points. You need to stay at exact place for setup point. They will spawn at major items by killing themself, why not for -1 frag ?...You need to think abou it, James.

4- Invisibility like in q3, but with 3 seconds duration and fullinvis(you can hit invisible enemy and enemy can hit you). (it really helps with small and simple maps when nowhere to hide from spawn rape ). May be like ability(available for both players every 2 minutes).

5- May be crouch slide ) for big maps. Somehow, it just cool. But for big maps only, like MOlten Falls.
I also like ranger sphere. It really helps and tactical. But no to different abilities like in QC! (disbalanced as fk).

Good Luck =)