id Software's Tim Willits, Adam Pyle and Zero4 (John Hill), each had the idea of making a MOBA version of Quake. During the prime early years of Overwatch, many Quake players including Zero4 had tried their hand in Overwatch. However, for John specifically, he felt old and slow and just wanted to have a lightning gun, rocket launcher and railgun in this MOBA experience. So during those years, they had made plans for this project and began working desperately on it, but someone in their crew said... 'hey, we've got a pretty small team, this project might need to get scrapped'; that someone was Tim Willits. John Hill and Adam Pyle desperately tell Tim Willits, no no no... don't scrap it, we seriously need this game. So Tim gives them an alternative solution, they give up on the full MOBA conversion (for obvious reasons), and they half ass Quake fans with HEROES. So, they said... okay... it's better than nothing.

They take a few weeks to salvage up any scraps they had for their Overwatch clone, and make a couple of standard Quake maps. But, Tim is like... I want money now, so we need you guys to work like dogs and sell it. So 5 minutes later, they've got it all packaged up. Tim is like, 'how did you guys do that so fast'. And they're scratching their heads saying that they're great programmers of course (but it only takes a few minutes to make a gamemode). So then they spend some money on a cinematic, they get that shit out before QuakeCon and everyone is like WOAH OMG THANK YOU. Once the press starts sniffing up their crotches, they learn fast that they need a cover story. So they make up something along the lines of: 'we have been working on this game for many years', and 'it is NOT a MOBA'. Two infamous half truths don't make one right, not even close, especially not these two.

A few years later, we conclude this story with a harsh reality. They didn't make enough maps, and there was no purpose for 'Champions' outside of a MOBA. They literally fled back to Time Limit duels just to keep the game alive. Good grief, I can't believe people bought it. Literally and figuratively speaking. Because at the end of the day, id Software literally sucked the epeen out of Quake Live (which was the last active part of Quake) to promote a money scheme that acts as a couple months of fame and for Tim Willits $$$$$$$$. It's called selling out, and that's what they did. And the people who did it, especially the morons that were aware of it; should all be banned from our servers.

As of July 18th 2019, it was announced that Tim Willits was resigning retiring from his post at id Software. But what if Timmy wanted to make a profit out of destroying Quake before making a hasty exit from the studio? Leaving it in ruins forever, with a team of duped clueless employees and a community of titty streamers.

On a side note: I just want to give a shout out to ESR for red pilling me on some shit, but I am most definitely proud in saying I didn't support this game on release, nor do I do now. I hope it was a good read, and probably a good laugh. Maybe some of you aren't laughing, that is understandable. I'm not laughing, but I think a post like this was long overdue in a time where Quake Champions is playing a big fat bluff as an esport.