Many people ponder what Anima Gaming is. What does it mean? What does it represent? Why is it only Quake? Well, those questions can be summed up in three words, "I don't know". Actually, I do know, and I will explain.

Anima Gaming started out as a Quake 3 group by the name of MIA (Majorly Insane Amateurs). The original concept was to form a gang of new and old friends promoting Quake in various tournaments, as well as playing together under one roof, so to speak. After a couple months, most of the MIA members joined Quake Live clans, leaving a single member to run everything. That person was me.

Shortly thereafter, I changed the name to "Anima Gaming", a name that represents a calm, spiritual nature of an individual's need for competitiveness. I figured that most leagues and organizations try to bring out the best of the best, offering huge prizes and get lost in the original concept of gaming. That's one element I try to maintain throughout events, and a main reason why I rarely offer prizes. Quake is also forgiving in that aspect. I can't really think of another game I have witnessed that doesn't constantly barrage organizations for prizes. Quakers play just to play, win or lose, and that's what AG was designed to be.

Now, 9 months and dozens of tournaments later, I'm still hosting events for North America, getting messages from players anxious to play in the next event or giving me suggestions on how to improve a tournament. The community has become less in numbers, that is evident to anyone. But the players who are still present are the ones who have a tight bond with each other, a history with their favorite players.

I often think about what people criticize me for. Some opinions I take heavily, but most I shrug off. Anima Gaming has developed through more suggestions by players than those of myself. I consider AG to be my creation, but I consider the players and their criticisms to be the reasons why it has grown. Anima Gaming is a name made for players, developed by players. That's all I can really describe it as. I hope more players in the future will turn in their suggestions as they play, and we will continue to grow as a community rather than an organization.