Okay, so everyone knows that Reborn has been continously delayed, but with 2GD partnering with Talawa Games, there is still hope and people shouldn't neglect the fact that Reborn most likely will be released this year, or atleast we'll probably be able to play the beta.

James has talked about hosting tournaments already in it's early phase as soon as this year, with DreamHack giving them a good opportunity to showcase their game in the expo-area.

In a try to spark some activity, I'm asking you now, what is on your wishlist for Reborn, whether it'd be a certain skin or sound for nostalgia, or a cool mechanic that you feel is underrated?

2GD probably knows what he wants, and considers every choice he makes carefully, but that doesn't hinder us from speculating as well as giving us our opinions, so go crazy with your ideas and wishes!