[UK] AQServers.com Reflex #1 at

The Anquer-Quare UK Dedicated #Reflex server has been running since release, we are now looking to add the classic maps that have popular remakes or potential. We would love to add more maps that players think could be the next big thing! So don't hesitate to ask.

Will be more servers hopefully specific to game modes when they add in the usual commands to admin them correctly. So don't be surprised if you see some FFA and xTDM being played too. Players found trying to ruin games and servers steam profiles will be recorded and saved for when bans are a option, so if someones just trying to do a rocket jump map, dont mess with them!

Right now this is what the server has uploaded and ready to play!

cpm1 - Classic Quake map, included in default Reflex map pool

cpm3 - Classic Quake map, included in default Reflex map pool

cpm22a - Eldreks Aerowalk remake, said to be 1:1 ratio

cpm24m-b6 - Memphis cpm24 remake, adjusted for reflex playstyle

dm4x9_8_beta1 - Remake of Quake Worlds DM4 using 9:8 ratio for most accurate play in Reflex

Zita_1v1 - future named Ascendance, made by Zita/n0cturn3/Arkore - bit bigger then the standard cpma map, but can be played just as fast if you wish, teleporter play is well made

Arkore_dm1 - one of the largest duel maps i have seen so far, slower open map but with room for more speed ;)

voodm1_a1 - latest version of voOs map i could find, expect a updated official release from him in the future.


Movement/Rocket/Parkour maps on the server atm for fun are

movehaus1-parkour - epic freestyle map with so much objects
bldf2 - movement, not for beginners
dustyrun1a - movement, not for beginners
rocket1/2/3/4/5/6/7/9 - 8 different hard rocket jump maps

To save the Lightbuild, it is advised to download the maps from the http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?app...mMainBar=1 or if your just looking feel free to connect to server and everything should work

feel free to visit us at http://www.anquer-quare.com/