Can someone explain to me detail by detail why people left Reflex Arena for going back to CPMA/CPM ?

I mean, Reflex engine is good, netcode is good, menu is good, config customizations are at the lvl of Q3/QL, graphics are fine (clean and kind of cartoonish), there's matchmaking ranked, etc

I mean like, reflex is the only quake game where you can have like 400/500fps easy, where on top of that the netcode is very good and the menu is clean and complete. That plus the fact that it's easy to run & go (not like CPMA, as good as it can be, is much harder to get, configure and run from the perspective of an AFPS noob).

The game also already have everything that diabotical will have (race & maps & other contents etc).

So tell me, why did the cpm guys leave reflex for going back to q3/cpm ? I mean, I kind of guess it's because of balance issues and how the movements feel overall (but all of that is easily fixable with a patch, right ?) ? Or am I missing something ?