Let's do a revival for Reflex ?

Game has everything done right except gameplay (weapons/physics) that is a slightly worst version of CPMA.

1) Gameplay is easy to tweak, considering how easy is it to change everything in Reflex.

2) Engine is perfect, solid 400fps average on my i5-6500 + GTX 1070, no lag, no stutter, butter smooth.

3) Graphics looks good and kind of texture-less/cartoony(to some extent) and has limited ammount of polygons to make the game run smoother on low to med end PC (150fps stable is easy even with a 6 year old setup).

4) Maps that look good and are well optimised are VERY easy to make.

5) I also like the idea of being able to customize how your robot would look, some comestics ain't bad at all considering how modern gaming has evolved.

6) The ingame menu is very well made and easy to use, and it looks good, cause of its sobriety, no shinny effects everywhere etc, kinda looks like youtube or facebook.

7) The game is customizable to death, from gfx to HUD to everything :D. Kind of similar to QL but easier and slightly less "elitist" by the fact that the main settings are at the menu and the "hidden" cvars are easy to find and remember.

8) The netcode is CPMA-like, which means really good, even on high ping. MUCH better than that crappy QL's netcode.

9) There's already matchmaking, server browser, basically everything that we need in a modern game.

And considering the fact that diabotical takes forever for release and basically is a copy/past of reflex but with vq3 physics and some new gameplay elements as well as instead of robots, balls with smileys at their faces :D.

I find it sad that a game that took so much effort from a very small dev team and has already the "pmx-like" spirit gets forgotten by everyone. Not fair at all.

If arQon was still around i'm pretty sure he would have worked on reflex.

So guys, are you up for a reflex revival ? All you have to do is playing the game and suggest new things to the remaining developpers to make reflex even better, and hopefully end up with a gameplay that has everything done right, the same way than CPM.

Some people will prolly say "why not just playing latest version of CPMA ?" mehhhh, tired of q3 engine, tired of 250fps lock, tired of always the same overplayed maps, tired of the fact that to install cpma, it's still a pain in the ass, at least if you're not a quake veteran. And let's be honest, reflex at full/maxed out GFX looks MUCH better than q3 at full/maxed out GFX.