KovaaK, one of the legends of QW in the 2000's (retired in 2008), decided to put together a series of videos explaining QW basics and mechanics, duel strategy for the tb5 maps, and commentary on his grand finals duel match vs def (another legend).

He explains QW basics here and then goes on to explain how to play the tb5 maps and analyses his matches on that maps against def, another QW legend.


More coming soon, dm4 next in line!

[20:17:58] <@KovaaK> let me know if they have any comments
[20:18:05] <@KovaaK> i mean, i definitely glossed over a lot of stuff
[20:18:19] <@KovaaK> but the intent of it is so that people who are totally new to the game can watch and get a decent idea of what is going on

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MVD demos of the matches
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