Name: G.I. Jonesy
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In this year of 2014, the Quake community is still wasting its free time sitting in queues. It's no wonder people don't play the game... they can't - they're sitting in a fucking queue.

Maybe it's a reality shock to some of you, but most people don't have the free time to sit in a fucking queue all day long. Even if they did, they wouldn't want to. Then again, maybe someone should make a video-game where all you do is sit in queue's. Oh wait, they already did... it's called Quake 3.

This problem was mostly solved in Quake 4, and then, of course, everyone went back to the shitty, antiquated, time-wasting Quake 3 system. This is not an arcade. There is absolutely no need for queues, unless there are an odd number of players. Quake 4 proved that queues can be eliminated, even in duel, so why the fuck do we still have them?