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One could objectively say that game A is better than game B, and that might be accurate. The problem is, it doesn't matter, because things need to be designed not just to be good or legitimate, but rather, to match the level of douchebaggyness in the current world.

Anyone would say that chess is better than checkers, but checkers is more popular. Anyone would say that Mozart is better than Justin Bieber, but... well, I don't even want to say it. And that's the real world. It's no different with video-games, whether they be esports or otherwise.

What that means, is that if all the gamers are douchebags, then the games themselves have to be suitably douchebaggy (hence things like moba's). Now, it might be possible for a legitimate game to be modified to change with the people. If the people become more full of shit, some aspect of the game needs to match that level of shit. Likewise, if the people become less full of trash, the game needs to become less trashy.

I say 'some aspect of the game', because I see no reason why the game's purity must be corrupted. A section of the game can always be maintained, while the various other aspects are modified. It's not like random dickwads are playing at the pro-level anyway. If, therefore, the pro-level is kept uncorrupted by the changing times/douchebags, and the rest of the game adapts to the overall level of fuckheadedness among the current gaming population, a game could conceivably keep its legitimacy while also achieving profitability. Or, in short, selling-out may not be necessary.