Couldn't find a thread about it.
Sounds good imo
A competitive first person shooter that combines modern tech with the speed and precision of 90s shooters. With new engine.

concept art of enemy model

Some posts from facebook/twitter:
Q: Nice progress. Do you have a plan to promote cpm1a for reflex?

A: We'll definitely build and test it. If it still plays well with the changes to Reflex's gameplay, we'll include it.

-We're expecting to get Reflex on to @steam_games. It's a little early to jump on Greenlight but we'll let you know when we do.

-There's a couple of things we're hoping to show before the end of the month.

-Can't wait to see things like this in Reflex:

-Just did the Teleporter to Yellow Armor trick on Use and Abuse... in Reflex. Felt good in a lot of ways.

-Cheaper than AAA titles! We'll have a donation box soon for pre-Kickstarter support and once on KS you can pledge what you please.

-Matchmaking is something we'll look at but probably not until after release. It's way too early to promise anything.

-Also both. The plan is to have the usual competitive modes (1v1, TDM, CTF, DOM) but also casual modes like midair etc.