Due to the unfortunate reasons that forced Russia Cooller to drop out of the Sweden DreamHack Winter 2013 Quake Live Tournament we felt that we were forced to make some changes to the groups. The solution we came up with was to upgrade a player from High seed to Top seed and have him replace Cooller in Group D. After a lot of internal discussion we ended up with 2 players who we considered moving to Top Seed. To remove our (possibly) biased opinions we chose to toss a coin to make the decision for us. Sweden Spart1e came out on top and will be moved to Group D. Sweden madix will be the replacement in group B.

Together with this we chose to move the schedule 2 hours on the first day. This is to lets the players have some more time to travel to DreamHack. Note that the times for Friday and Saturday will remain unchanged.

Update: I've confirmed with Cooller that the statement written by Nico is correct and he will be unable to attend DreamHack.

Links: Cooller's announcement