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Hi, here is a compilation video of the first 30 seconds of (almost) every dreamhack winter 2013 games.
This videos are intended to analyze how the pros play each spawn.
There is no video or sound edit, just raw information.
Only LOST WORLD left!!!!!! Enjoy!

BTW: Bloodrun and Furious Heights have shitty quality. I will uptade them after all maps are added.

"The first 30 seconds of a game are extremely crucial as it allows you to have a huge weapon/positional advantage over your opponent. Although most people tend to play it in a very safe manner splitting everything with their opponents, this is the time of the game where a big opportunity to go aggresive and get massively rewarded is very very clear"
by Ins Portugal

"The start is very important cause it sets the pace and standard of the duel, quite often if you make the correct moves off the start and the other guy doesnt, then the next stage of the duel (the middle) becomes a lot easier, because your opponent doesnt have either the stack or guns to fight you effectively, so you can either rack up the frags or at worst be in an advantagous position post start!"
by Fraze Australia

TO DO: I will update the video thumbnail so it reflecs wich spawn is it. Also i will upload every map played (only lost world left!!). Fix quality for bloodrun and furious heights using new 720p config.