As of today we’re proud to announce the 12 first competitors for the Quake Live tournament at Sweden DreamHack Winter 2013. With big names such as United States of America Rapha, Belarus Cypher, Australia Fraze together with some of the best European and Australian players this is shaping up to be one of the best Quake Live tournaments at DreamHack yet.

We have now filled 12 of the 32 spots in the tournament. The applications close at Sunday the 3rd of November (3/11), so make sure to apply for your spot today. Next wave of players will be released in a couple of weeks. Together with the players we’re also releasing the maplist for the tournament.

Sparked by Raphas idea of a tournament we’ve decided to change the tournament layout at DreamHack. To replicate Rapha's idea exactly would be very hard (with 32 players) but we decided to increase the group stage to 8 players in each group. This means that we’ll have 4 groups of 8 players where the top 4 in each group are proceeding to the single elimination stage.