This interview will feature a rather unfamiliar face to many of you, unless you're well aware of all the latest happenings revolving around the Quake scene. Literally a no-one until a few weeks ago, the Irish's name firstly resonated when the qualifiers of the Dreamhack Summer 2012 got revealed. Nobody expected his name to be featured, including the young talent himself. Luke “Lukelawlz” Hanlon will make his first appearance at a major gaming event this weekend being only 16 years old, making the teen one of the first juveniles to ever compete at this stage. Luke was kind enough to catch up with us for a quick interview, right before leaving for Sweden.

It's been a long road, but you're finally living every gamer's dream; you're about to head off to Sweden to compete in one of the world's largest e-sports tournaments. How are you feeling?

I feel excited, to say the least. I've watched many streams of QL tournaments over the years and it always seemed like it would be fun to be playing there. I'm looking forward to travelling there and meeting everybody I've played against over the past few years.

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