Thanks everyone for one incredible DreamHack Summer 2012! From my point of view this easily is one of the best Quake events at DreamHack yet. Huge thanks to United Kingdom Zoot and Germany Calipt for the coverage on location. Thanks to all the streamers who streamed from home as well! Hopefully we can run Quake again this Winter, but right now it's too early to tell.

We collected the demos and configs from the weekend, and they're now available. Thanks to Belgium Trance for the hosting.

Unfortunately there's some demos and configs missing, but the most of them are there. We've been able to collect all configs from the playoffs, except Weirds config.

Edit: Demos from the Grand Finals are available on youtube: Map 1 (Blood Run), Map 2 (Toxicity), Map 3 (Lost World).

Links: Demos (, Configs (