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Here we go again! You did miss some of the Round 2 matches? No Problem here is a little resume.

Netherlands The Netherlands vs. Belgium Belgium

Belgium: redemptor, vertex, dem0n, impulse
The Netherlands: eXodus, Blad3, draven, Sc00t

The first map to be played was Belgiums pick Japanese Castles.
Belgiums play was highly aggressive, they based their play on constant attack waves in 20 second terms.
The dutch tactics seemed more sorted, counting on coordinated attacks.
Due to Belgiums constant attacks in order to keep the enemy def low, there was a 30 second delay between the Powerups which the Belgians could fix after 10 minutes. Their sloppy play on the Powerups in the first 6 minutes didnt cause any damage though since their frequent attacks worked out well. The Dutch had some problems breaking Dem0ns and redemptors defensive play, while they were busy returning their own flags. But after 7 minutes Draven managed to get a double Powerup (Quad + Regen) and made the first cap for The Netherlands .1-0 NL. Only 2 minutes later Vertex stole the flag and ninjad the flag to enemy garden rocketjumping from the connector over mid to his base. 1-1. After Dravens impressive double PU cap, he seemed to get greedy. Draven had alot of flagtouches but he always tryed to make the caps all alone rambo style. His unreasonable solo shows had no chance against the whole Belgium team trying to catch him. If Draven would have waited for some team support the map score could have taken another direction. Anyway after 14 minutes Vertex again took himself a lot of time to outmaneuver the Dutch. Vertexs' ninja style paid off as he hid himself at enemy garden at the 50 health bubble, waiting for his full team to support him.2-1 BEL. After that cap The Netherlands couldnt get back to their stable play fast enough and impulse made an instant connective cap.3-1 and the win for Belgium.
The Dutch pick Ironworks turned out tremendously intense.
After only 2 minutes there was a crosstouch but the Belgians had full control over mid and thats why the dutch
carrier had no chance getting across mid. Vertex putting a 1-0 on the scoreboard.At the 6 minute mark redemptor, the belgian home-red player, stole the flag and thanks to the full mid control and support by his team, there was the 2-0 in favor of Belgium. Only 1 minute later Draven could take advantage of his home-red stack including medkit. The Belgian def was distracted defending against the PU when Draven sneaked to the flag making a flawless fastcap 2-1. It looked like The Netherlands had found a weakspot on Belgiums def since Dravens team used the same move again 1 minute later. Draven got fragged on his way out though but Sc00t was there to finish the run. 2-2. Again only 2 minutes later Draven once more could count on his team distracting Dem0n and redemptor, and he carried the flag home easily. 3-2 NL. But team Belgium reacted wisely to this weakness and focused on enemy-red attacks, succeeding in detering Draven from attacking. With 11 minutes on the clock something weird happened. impulse rushed in the dutch base to take a hard fight for the flag, but there was none. When impulse grabbed the flag the dutch base was completely empty. The dutch team seemed to have disappeared mysteriously when impulse took a walk (in the park) across mid and put a 3-3 on the scoreboard. With a tied score the pressure went through the roof and both teams
found a balance. 2 minutes before overtime Draven once more was able to convert his red-armour stack into a cap and this should be the win for The Netherlands.
The tie breaking map was Belgiums pick Troubled Waters.
At the 3 minute mark Vertex could frag the flag def. Vertex grabbed the flag and made the torch jump to the right
balcony. When he was crossing mid the Belgians had full control over mid and it should turn out as a rather easy cap. 1-0 BEL. One minute later Draven managed to swim to enemy base with red and medkit unspotted. His stack advantage helped him across and eventually ended up in a conversion cap 1-1. When Vertex , impulse and redemptor started a well organised attack, vertex dropped the flag from its podium, impulse picked it up to carry the flag to the front jumppad enemy side, where he eventually got railed. But dem0n , belgiums flagdef, rushed to the enemy side to pick up the flag once more while redemptor still was supporting in mid. This cap should show the true strenght of their teamplay. 2-1 and the win for Belgium.

Live Records: First map, Second map, Third map

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Text by Germany mousestar