This chapter picks up the story right after the leaked information

After that much [effortless] craving and crying from the guys in the other topic, lets discuss facts stated in the leaked material.

I'll start off with the thing that really blew the lights for me, and I literally stopped reading at the gametypes section.

"Attack & Defend

This Capture the Flag variant features teams alternating between offensive and defensive roles, with one life to live, and all weapons. Teams can score points by grabbing the flag from the base, capturing the flag, or killing the enemy team...."

That was threewave, it was played roughly between Noah and the animals on the ark basiclly, the guy posting the news sink was very careful as to not give away the screaming truth, CTFS or capture-strike, it was popular it even made it to CPMA. And now id is pulling a direct ripoff, well if they were scared to do this with wcp9, I don't know what makes this idea any different. Maybe the 2 guys developing qj in their spare time became more audacious?

Harvester and the rest of the trash that totally failed with Team Arena 10 years ago, are just the icing on the cake. Go and try to sell your bad ideas a second time 10 years later, you will surely succeed JUST LIKE YOU DID WITH FREEZETAG. Truth is freezetag had potential, becouse alot of guys played it even last year on 1.16 quake, but I guess that didn't work in ql.

Although I'm not one of them, I feel some emphathy towards real hc quakers, that feel bad when they see the game go down like this, helpless, sinking and sinking in such pitiful matter.