Timothee Besset was heavily involved in Quake Live but has left to join a startup gaming company. (his blog entry)

I resigned from id earlier this week. Folks who know me well were not terribly surprised, but I suppose I need to put that out there officially. I joined a small startup in Dallas, gaming related, but not fps or esports. Great people, great tech, and we're going to have a blast.

Now with an opening on the QL team, time to move over the id employee who is working on anti-cheat so he can work on it full time.

Timothee Besset (also known as TTimo) is a software programmer most well known for creating and supporting Linux, as well as some Macintosh, ports of id Software's products. He has been involved with the game ports of various id properties over the past ten years, starting with Quake III Arena. Since the development of Doom 3 he has also been in charge of the multiplayer network code and various aspects of game coding for id, a role which had him heavily involved in the development of their online game QuakeLive. (Wiki)