A few QuakeWorld players are currently putting together the idea of a 1on1 tourney targeted at QuakeWorld vs QuakeLive players.

The games will be played in QuakeWorld however the maps will be all standard QuakeLive maps:

- Aerowalk (aerowalk, original Q1 map)
- Blood Run (ztndm3q, original Q1 map modified to match QL)
- Campgrounds (q3dm6qw, Q3 map conversion)
- Vertical Vengence (shrine, Q3 map recreation)
- Lost World (q3dm13qw, Q3 map conversion)

It will be a double elimination format best of 3 rounds with best of 5 finals open to anyone.

You can get QuakeWorld and everything else you need in one simple package here: www.nquake.com

Is this something that QuakeLive players would be interested in?

We also have a number of CPMA maps in QW that could be included if the demand is there.

My question has been answered...