superjake revealing some interesting info about certain players in the game. turns out that briansong actually did cheat, and his ban had nothing to do with him calling sync a nigger lol.

enjoy pplz:

Briansong exposed:
[15:37] <superjake> I told briansong if he sent me a list of the people using it that he knows and the file i wouldn't ban him
[15:37] <superjake> but he got caught anyway
[15:37] <superjake> rofl
[15:37] <great> supposedly he got caught for harrasment
[15:37] <great> thats what he posted on ESR
[15:37] <superjake> lol
[15:38] <great> u think he made that up?
[15:38] <great> or what?
[15:38] <superjake> yup

Exposing list of possible suspects:
[15:41] <superjake>
[15:41] <superjake> 8060
[15:41] <superjake> everyone on there hacks
[15:41] <superjake> I go on under alias
[15:41] <great> theyre on there now?

People in the mumble server:

[15:41] <superjake> yup
[15:42] <superjake> thorian, 0wnz0r is on right now
[15:43] <superjake> jayy from clan :P I caught using it, but he deleted it
[15:45] <superjake> I got the server info from briansong as part of the deal
[15:45] <superjake> to not ban him
[15:46] <superjake> he was honestly worried he'd be perm banned from ql
[15:46] <superjake> so he gave me everything

NOML powerstyler exposed:
[16:06] <superjake> you didn't know NOML powerstyler hacked?
[16:06] <superjake> kid makes it obvious
[16:06] <great> nope
[16:06] <great> does he still hack?
[16:06] <superjake> yup
[16:06] <great> whats he use? lol.
[16:06] <superjake> last time I seen him anyway
[16:07] <superjake> back in May they were passing around QLhook, I haven't kept up with anything new
[16:07] <great> u sure powerstyler was using it?
[16:07] <superjake> yup

ownz0r, thorian, vault69, ganja, jdb, jabon, phazon exposed.
[16:13] <great> what about ownz0r and thorian, do you know if they used it?
[16:13] <superjake> yes, briansong was 100% sure
[16:13] <superjake> and like I said before
[16:13] <great> i see
[16:13] <superjake> i went in the server
[16:14] <superjake> and they were all using it
[16:14] <superjake> until brian saw me spc'n
[16:14] <superjake> The player's names are briansong, Vault69, Ganja__ (two underscores),ph4z0n__ JDB_ Jabon
[16:14] <superjake> I was on mumble while they were talking about it and on a server
[16:14] <superjake> testing it out. Once I joined the server with the ESL tag they said on
[16:14] <superjake> mumble "stop using any hacks! superjake is watching!"

cha1n exposed:
[16:17] <superjake> cha1n was banned for a while
[16:18] <great> was he always in the mumble talking about qlhook and stuff?
[16:18] <great> lol.
[16:18] <great> how does he know about the mumble
[16:18] <superjake> everyone told about that mumble has or does hack
[16:18] <great> ic

vault69/seduc3r exposed:

seduc3r: (18:32:57) id know i did that for an hr when it cam out i told them i did lol
seduc3r: (18:33:42) tthey told me not to do it again there watchiung me and i said i dont plane on it
dutra: (18:34:12) so u hacked for an hour?
dutra: (18:34:13) lol.
seduc3r: (18:34:27) yep maybe an hr and a half
seduc3r: (18:34:40) long time ago
seduc3r: (18:34:53) everyone knows
seduc3r: (18:35:09) but u on the other hand everyday thing
seduc3r: (18:35:41) noone in ql can do what u did that day i was specin u

i have a hard time accepting chain or noml powerstyler cheat, but i guess anyone's skill could be questioned if they havent been in the game for a while. just goes to show why this shit needs an anti-cheat asap lolz.

edit: superjake just confirmed avenger = th3_4v3ng3r / kpx_ ... not avenged 8x.