Alright, so i've been playing with Logitech M205 for 2 years now, since my IME 3.0 broke (accidentaly scroll wheel, also left mouse button). I feel like i want to be able to actually shoot and hit where i'm "seemingly" aiming again. Intelli Mouse Explorer 3.0 was by far the most enjoyable mouse i've had (aside from that CABLE and terrible quality). I'd like to get something similar, which wouldn't be hard to acquire/ would have sensible price range and wouldn't fall appart during gaming.

My brother has a Razer Lachesis, stats aside, in my honest opinion it's a terrible mouse.

What about those SteelSeries and Roccat mice?
How are they, and which would you suggest?


Feel free to throw in a mousepad combo which works great with <insert the name of the mouse here>