I'd rather see new maps: 51% (83)

*facepalm*: 32% (53)

Kind of fun for a while: 9.1% (15)

I don't understand ...: 4.9% (8)

AWESOME !: 3% (5)

From Quakelive's website:
"We’ve launched new experimental weekend servers, newly coined ‘DevPick’ servers (the question marks confused a few people last week ). This week’s DevPick servers are now running with low gravity, increased speed, and altered weapon settings.

These weapon settings include a weaker railgun and grenade, both with more knockback; a weaker lightninggun that pulls players toward you, and a plasmagun with more kick. These ‘DevPick Low Grav’ servers are now up and running in Clan Arena and Capture the Flag gametypes.
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