So I've completed the single player (good fun) and done a lot of co-ops (some with mates, some with randoms)

A funny story:

1. Played a couple of co-ops with random people. Played with one guy who absolutely didn't seem to grasp the concept of portals (we're talking [nVc] streaming Portal1 levels of cluelessness here). Needless to say, me being me did the usually cussing out loud to myself - "Oh for f*** sake... What the hell are you trying to do? Oh cummon is this guy an idiot or something?" etc. After 5 goes of trying to use the ingame devices to show him what I wanted him to do, typing it out and yet still getting crushed by a giant spikey wall all 5 times, I disconnected (read: ragequit)

2. I then tried to find a new partner. Jumped on with another random guy. Played through a few levels, all was going well. No matter how many times I see those robots faceplant walls at high velocity, I still laugh.

3. About half way into one of the chambers, the guy randomly came on voice communications and said "... hang on... okay... can you hear me?" A little surprised, I typed back yes. He replied back on voice comms "oh right, I can hear you". Now, in terms of creepy lines, it ranks just below "I can see you." I typed back "Am I pressing push to talk then?". The guy replied, "No, I can hear you all the time, laughing and typing on your keyboard" [I use a steelseries 7G which is I guess a little bit loud]. A little probing and I found out I was actually using constant trasmit on the micrphone. Needless to say, I switched it to push to talk...

It's at this point, I refer you back to point #1. Yes, that poor gormless guy I was playing with before. Yep... He heard me calling him a slack jawed R-tard whilst f'ing this and f'ing that. Poor guy probably even heard me eating buscuits, typing away and slurping a beer.

Good times.