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So another year has passed, filled wirh whine and displeasement virtually all around. Do we as ex or current Quake players really have nothing to be thankful for?

I'd say we do. In an era where fast paced fps games are a dying breed we still have no problems finding our daily fix.

Sure it is not completely how we would like it to be but hey, neither is the economy or virtually anything else these days. Does your girlfriend always put out on command ? I doubt it.

Quake live , despite all its flaws ; has united a truly dying race (namely the fast paced fps player). Never before have we seen q2 stars play alongside q3 players. I'm thankful for that.

I'm also thankful for having the opportunity to watch a new generation of players still enjoy our old somewhat broken game. Even us old q3 tarts who have been around the block 20 or more times can still find joy in a superb rocket - rail combo by newschool player x on a lvlup stream . GTV we don't have but i'm still in debt to stream organizations for providing me with hours of entertainment free of charge.

Quake truly is a unique game , it helped me through a difficult time in my life by making me feel i was worth a damn even if "i" was a virtual representation of myself. We should be very gratefull for all the hours of entertainment and sometimes even life help (through irc or other means) it has provided countless people.

I for one owe a lot to quake 3, i'm sure quake live will eventually mean the same to others.