In reading these leaked cables, the word 'revelation' is used often. Wasn't it in the book of revelations, the end times were discussed? Do you think they deliberately use the word revelation as a reference to the Bible?

The internet is an experiment in globalization and decentralization. As we more and more see, a decentralized system can be more effective and secure than a centralized. As cities continue growing in population, they may develop enough power to declare independence from their nation-states, thus effectively beginning the move to a decentralized world. Tokyo is the prime example, having an enormous amount of voting power, to the point it basically already controls the entire country of Japan.

So do you think the end is near? And by the end, I mean, do you think the time of nation-states is almost over? Do you think nation-states will be replaced by city-states, and if so, how will that work with nuclear weapons still in the world? Will the biggest cities have the nukes? Will city-unions arise, to enable free-trade between different cities? Would you be fine living in a city-state, rather than the current structure? I would imagine, most internet people would prefer the city-state structure.