If you could only choose one, which would it be? Sex is fun, but are drugs funner? Drugs are dangerous, but sex is more dangerous. Sure, with drugs, there is o.d. and addiction, but both are easily avoided and neither are typically fatal or permanent. With sex, there is pregnancy and STD's, some of which are deadly or permanent. There's more variety with drugs, and you can do them while doing other things. During sex, there's little else you can do. Drugs you can do alone, while with sex you need a partner and consent.

Currently, sex is legal and drugs are illegal (despite the fact sex is more dangerous and causes more harm). One might argue, sex out of wedlock should be illegal and sex in wedlock should first require an STD test. If either partner tests positive for an STD, the marriage-license is denied. Now, if the same thinking applied to sex, as you find around the issue of drugs, sex out of wedlock would be illegal. Why then are drugs illegal? I've never heard anyone but a few religious nuts suggest we outlaw premarital sex (even though by doing so, we would save many unwanted/aborted pregnancies and also lives lost through something like aids).

I don't know why people understand, that if you outlaw sex, people will do it anyway (so it's pointless and better to provide things like condoms to help protect them from STD's and unwanted pregancies), but they don't understand the same thing about drugs. Whether or not drugs are legal, people will do them, so it's better to provide them with the equivalent of condoms.

The war on drugs doesn't make sense. The government is doing more harm than the drugs. And adding harm to harm only amounts to more harm.