Don't reply to this if you're not high skilled, i mean, VERY high skilled. Don't reply if you're not an aim whore. Don't reply if you're ugly, i don't care about your noob opinion, you are useless.

If you're a really smart/clever/intelligent guy and if you know EVERYTHING about mouseAccel and how the quake 3/quakelive sensitivity works, pls enlighten us with your knowledge. Tell us why did "they" implement mouseAccel in quake ? What's the REAL benefit of it, why would you use it ? Is it only a matter of playstyle, holding the mouse, nerve, adrenaline control and all these stuff ? Does it really give an advantage on the long term ? Is it a coincidence that A LOT (atm : k1llsen, cypher, only to name them) of the best aim players ever play with mouseAccel ? Isn't it better to play with med-low sens (~25-30cm/360°) and then try to adapt to ANY situations with practice instead of trying to get the perfect sensitivity with mouseAccel etc, so that you don't have, in theory, to practice as much as the noAccel player ?

Someone to organize an amphi competition or something with all the best aim players in the world ? So that we could finally find out who really has the VERY BEST LG/RG/RL etc. Or maybe some warmup only games on ztn/aero/dm6 without any armor/health pickup ?

Why does the majority of eastern european quake players play with mouseAccel ? Is it only cuz they are brainless drunk sheeps with no money or is it because they know the hidden truth ?