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Noctis (No comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 19:08 CDT, 22 August 2010 - iMsg
Why the fuck did you cut your hair ? Why ? Seriously, are you crazy ?

You used to look like this :

But now you just look like this :

Seriously, i'm so pissed now, i just wanna kill you. Fuck you, really. Where is my beautiful long haired man now ? Where ? Ahh, fuck it, i'm done. Bye.
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Liefje submitted (No comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 22:32 CDT, 27 July 2010 - iMsg
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let's ban a cheater part 9000 (HAL_9000) (No comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 15:24 CDT, 18 June 2010 - iMsg
22:10 wuxia i beat fox a lot just a few days before dreamhack
22:10 Heartless wuxia then show up at lan
22:10 Heartless cheater
22:10 wuxia i don't want to show up at lans because i might kill people there
22:11 Heartless wuxia, no you don't want to show up cuz you hack
22:11 wuxia so many imbeciles, hard to restrain myself
22:11 wuxia ya you're right

Here is a video of him and his team mate caught cheating :

Tbh i think that this guys should be banned from #cpmpickup and from all cpm tournaments, because it would be sad if someone like him wins a lot of money & fame with his rail hax. And i think that he doesn't deserve drugz & girlz, because these things are for honest people like cooller or the holy rapha.

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Heroes of Newerth : your opinion ? (1 comment)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 18:24 CST, 25 November 2009 - iMsg
What do you think about this game ?
Does it requiere skill to be good or is it another random newbie-friendly action RPG ?
Teamplay > skill ?
Or do you need some real keyboard/mouse's skills to be a skilled player ?
Isn't it only about experience & items/Heroes knowledge ?
Is the game really balanced with its 5363736 items & Heroes ?

I'm asking cuz i'm really noob at this game, and I think that it looks pretty good, I mean, the gfx, the atmosphere, the sounds, the like system, the number of players etc...
I wasn't really a fan of DotA, but when I discovered HoN, I was surprised in a good way.
I'll probably play this game until starcraft 2 release, but I'm afraid of the fact that it could be just another 12-years-old-casual-kid-game... I think that I personally enjoy the concept of Teamplay & "brain", but I find it pretty useless when you don't need some real abilities to be considered skilled, I mean, for example, in a game like starcraft or let's say, quake, you need both skill & "brain" to win. Especially in starcraft, when you're better than you opponent, you simply destroy him... There's no random factor or others newbie-friendly aspects that can be FUCKING frustrating, especially when you have the feeling that you could do everything
way faster if the game allowed you to do so (if you were not limited by the game).
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QuakeLive (No comments)
Posted by Heartlesss @ 04:02 CST, 5 November 2009 - iMsg
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