I'm sure many of you were asking yourself this question, many of you were asked by others or just seen this question on IRC or in GTV.

I want to avoid answers like "its better", "osp was old", "netcode" and so on.. Imo they are just speculations and someones personal opinions, but never an answer on the question - why?

Lets look back in to year 2005 - beginning of 2006.
Simply everyone was playing 1v1/TDM/CTF etc with OSP on a OSP server, and there were a lot of OSP servers. Of course except the cpma pm1 players. they dont count in this journal entry and i ask them not to comment this entry. The biggest part of players there did not even know that CPMA is playable for them and that CPMA allows us to play vQ3(which isnt the same as OSP, but...)

Still in 2005/early 2006... everyone is playing OSP, everyone is happy, nobody complains, games are nice.
Then.. THE CPL, the league which became its name with Q3 and with amazing PK WT, releases that Quake3 Arena will be main game for their next WT and they will use CPMA as competition mod.

This is the answer, why we play CPMA now, and not OSP.

Because of the CPL's announcement we moved to CPMA, for us "a unknown mod of those funny pm1 players". We started to play with CPMA, some were complaining, some were satisfied and some just didnt care..

The most ridiculous thing is, that the CPL is almost dead, they cancelled Q3 for 2007 and didnt pay prizes for their events (whole CPL Italy f.e.). But while CPL disappeared, they forgot something there.. the CPMA remained on our servers and in tournaments.

I don't know if CPMA is better than OSP. my personal opinion: CPMA is not better than OSP. And I am sure I am not alone. Many players got used to CPMA, but still arent satisfied with it.
I now feel stupid, because I cant play the mod we all liked. We dont like the new mod and want our old mod back.. but we dont do anything... just complaining.. the image of an Quake3 player imo.

gz d1ablo

I am sorry for all the mistakes in this text, since english isnt my first language and I never learned english.