I have a rip of the original Quake 2 CD in bin/cue format.

PowerISO (7.4) identifies both data and tracks as CDA and can play them.

However, when I mount this image on a virtual drive with either PowerISO, or WinCDEmu, or Virtual CloneDrive, then Quake 2 says there is no CD in player. Moreover, neither Windows Media Player nor Winamp (5.8) can play it - both say the disc is empty. The data - files - can be seen by any program.

After I had extracted the tracks in WAV format and then remade an ISO as a pure audio CD, music players started to see the music as CDA.

Recreating ISO as a mixed mode CD (otherwise you couldn't add game files) in the latest registered version of PowerISO (7.4) did not help music still could not be seen.

But the game (Quake 2) still says that there is no CD in player.

Please let me know how I create an image of Quake 2 compact disc so that the game sees it?

The physical disc was not mine and the owner has lost it (I have only an internet copy from Steam).

MP3 or OGG blunt sound is unacceptable, the latter even in 500 kbytes stream (CD audio is 1,411,200 bytes per second).

I would like to play the original game, not the one enhanced by new ports.

Thank you!