I just recently escaped a shootout at my last lab located in criminal underground [somewhere in PL] - the rest of my homies are dead but i ESCAPED. This must mean the big man lord above GOD wants me alive.

My bussinesses are in tatters and I think my rival PL cartels are going to take it all away from me... i lost contact with fizzle jr a few months ago and i dont know where that bitch is at... =[

however its time to make a change... 2018 is the year i go straight.

I will make myself a great man once again...
- Start honest businesses
- No more blunts
- No more quake
- Read more books
- Excercise regalar

Apart from tat i will lay low for a while - SO - peace out homies.. if you dont hear from its probably too late and you can consider me a dead man.. i just hope i made a difference to ur life in my years on ESR- peace out - maybe ofr the last time =[
*hits last blunt*

What will you change about yourself in 2018?