Fixed a performance issue that could occur when using Clutch’s active ability
Resolved a crash that could occur when using the Tri-bolt
Fixed a synchronization issue that could occur if a player stood on the head of another player
Implemented slideMove collision physics (wallclipping) to smooth out collisions that occur when a player clips the edge of a wall or ceiling shortly after performing a jump. (Added in the 6/27 update)

Minor updates for Clutch menu text
Fixed an issue where Corrupted Keep and Blood Run would be shown as the Default Map on the Scoreboard on non-Duel modes

Tri-bolt now receives the appropriate amount of ammo from each pickup
Armor absorption rate for Railgun and Nailgun weapons is now set to 66% (former value: 75% for these weapons)

Fixed an issue where a dead body could capture an Obelisk while lying in the capture zone

Made improvements to the Free Camera by removing Space and Crouch buttons, which hindered player movement
Fixed an issue where the spectator was able to view the Intro/Outro podium in Blood Covenant
Outlines are now red and white.

Custom Game
Fixed an issue where players could unload from a match and have a different champion selected

These are the known issues that we're tracking with this update:
Rockets may sometimes penetrate Clutch’s shield.
Spectator settings differed from players and no editable keybinds are accessible.
Players can gain or lose score after the end of match victory or defeat has been declared.
Sacrifice souls can become temporarily stuck in walls for several seconds.
Bright white lights have been seen flashing on Nyx’s customization screen.
‘Rocket Launcher God’ and ‘Nailgun God’ medals do not award XP.
Players are not awarded the ‘Dominating’ medal
Source: Patch Notes for 6/28 on