I see Quake Champions as the one and only chance to bring Arena Shooters back, at least in this decade from 2010 to 2020.

What makes the upcoming Quake Champions compared to some competitors like Reflex, Toxikk or Diabotical so special, is the brand behind the whole game itself.

Everybody knows about the Quake brand and everybody is able to assume, that ID Software, as one of the legendary bigger and financial high graded Studios and godfathers in Terms of FPS development, have the power and support possibilities, to make the whole esports competition around Quake Champions successful, great and the next big thing.

ID just also have to think about a working Businessmodel, maybe with Skins like Valve did with CSGO and a price for a physical or digital copy, that isn't to high, but also not to low, that every cheater could buy ten 3 dollar copies and accounts as it would be nothing.

Anit Cheat by the way is also a important topic, ID have to think about.

I mean it's a known fact that games like Reflex will never make it to a bigger public state, cause the guys working behind the whole thing, don't have the possibilities in terms of support, to make something big out of it, no matter how qualitative those games may be. Many don't even heard about those games or do know they exist.

But ID has those possibilties and they also have the knowledge how to make arena shooters with Quake itself, really big again.

If ID Software does what Tim Willits promised us, it's almost a safecall the whole thing is gonna to be huge once more after the legendary quake 3 and quake live again, cause I believe in Quake Champions and their vision of it.

You just gotta make those people around the world attentive about Quake Champions and if it nearly has the same power of attraction as quake 3 had in its prime or maybe even better, people won't ignore that game for sure and it will be played by a really huge playerbase again.

What worked in around 1999 with the Release of Quake 3 Arena is able to work as good in these modern days of the upcoming year 2017, but the Game has to offer pure quality,gameplay depth, great graphics and modes to excite us and everybody touching and playing it.

I mean Quake 3 wasn't only good cause of its core basics and the graphics. The whole game, had some kind of atmosphere in terms of visuals and sound, you needed to experience by your own while playing it, even it was a simple Multiplayer. And forget about Thorin's thoughts about the gap of casuals and professionals, or really high skilled players. With a good matchmaking system and endless dedicated servers with modes like instagib just to call an example and so on, even every single noob and pure newcomer would enjoy Quake with Quake Champions again.

It's the same with CSGO. I play this game since the release and was never really outstanding, if we talk about highest prolevel by playing it, even I am a good player far above average I would say and didn't meet or will probably never meet players like Forest or Neo on a server, but the game itself just has some appeal that's hard to ignore, exactly cause it's a suitable sequel to the original CS 1.6 and still Counter Strike with a few mondern changes and exactly the same can be done with Quake and Quake Champions, no matter what people tend to think about it in a negative way.

People just gotta feel with their own senses again, how beautiful fast paced fps arena shooter gaming is and if they do so, Quake Champions will succeed. ID just gotta deliver what they promised cause it's in their own hands to serve us the real deal.

So please ID Software! Do not disappoint us and everything will work out fine and is gonna to be really good. :)