Scheduled: 17:00 CDT, 19 July 2015 to 19:00 CDT, 19 July 2015
Schedule: Passed

Just a few short weeks until QuakeCon 2015 delivers us a smorgasbord of delicious teams and players from across the globe. Quake Live fans everywhere will be treated to some very entertaining matches, but why should we have to wait for LAN to see the best players duke it out? On July 19th two of North America's most talked about and infamous duelers will be fighting it out for $600* in total prize money. That's right ... the United States of America DaHanG vs United States of America rapha show match is finally a reality!

This amazing prize pool has been donated by United States of America Test to bring all of you a five map show match featuring the maps from this years big LAN event. Join us live 17:00 CDT, 19 July 2015 VODs Available

Streams: United States of America FlairTV, United Kingdom zlive, Russia 102
Links: Fixture,,