The new announcer options are under advanced -> sound options

once you've selected one a preview will play as that preview sample is always loaded, you need to hit the 'apply' button to load the full set to play with it, that initiates a snd_restart.

New/changed cvars

edit: cg_allowtaunt is not new, but set it to 1 if weapon animations are doing weird things for you, should be fixed again soon though.

cg_announcer 1/2/3 1: Default, 2: Vadrigar 3: Daemia (\snd_restart after changing if putting this in the console not a cfg)

cg_playTeamVO is now gone, replaced with :

cg_announcerRewardsVO 0/1
cg_announcerLeadsVO 0/1
cg_announcerLastStandingVO 0/1
cg_announcerTiesVO 0/1

s_announcerVolume setting this to 0 is the quickest way to disable all VO.

cg_AutoHop 0/1 is now relevant to all modes including Duel.

cg_weaponConfig_XX now works WITHOUT DELAYS! It's no longer server confirmed, so it's instant.

That means you can all drop weapon config settings from binds, and just have 'bind x weapon 4' etc, and the cg_weaponConfig cvars set up, and it will no longer leave you with the wrong settings because you slip onto a key for a weapon you don't have or whatever =)

edit: dammit, there's been a report it's not kicking in on round changes in FreezeTag, so you may want to stick with old config for a bit longer :(

For HUD editors, there's a new element:


example usage from syncError:

itemDef {
name "Key"
rect 70 0 24 24
visible 1

For some reason order of execution of double weapon binds that a small number of players use has been reversed it seems.

bind q "weapon 2 ;weapon 14"

gives HMG by prefference when pressed, then MG if HMG has no ammo (and cg_switchToEmpty 0 ) or you don't have the MG, instead of the other way round.

Having trouble with crosshair numbers getting 1 added from cfg setting, s_doppler forced to 0 or h forced to +chat?? - remove com_configversion from your cfg - thanks to h8m3!
There's also a report of com_configversion breaking switchOnEmpty.

The official update release notes are on