It used to be said that players like Zero4, avek, Cooller and Cypher, and even Rapha were at their peak when they were very young. I believe Zero4, Avek, Cypher and Coolller were 16 year olds when they hit the world stage and 'won' tournaments.

I think even people in their early 30s can compete and have great aim. Toxic is 30 now and hits 55 percent lg. Rapha and Cyher are in their mid twenties and have amazing aim, possibly better then they ever have. Even fatali1ty in my view when watching his recent twitch quake videos aims much better then when he was 19-20 years old and he's 33 now.

What is your opinion? Do you think their is a peak in terms of age when someone really starts to slow down and can't compete anymore?