ESPN to air DOTA2 championships.

$5m, yes MILLION, 1st prize. $1.4m 2nd, $1m 3rd.

All the way down to $22.5K for 13th and 14th place.

Made me rolf after hearing 'swag' being thrown around in the QuakeCon presentation.

Straight after watching the QCon14 finals (a combination of incredible speed, accuracy, skill (aim), prediction and strategy - all at a ridiculously fast and compressed pace), I found myself on the Twitch DOTA2 channel out of curiosity.


There is no comparison. As hyped as the casters get, not much really happens. It's like comparing a slow drumbeat to a finger melting guitar solo from Joe Bonamassa.

ID - look at this. Look what is capable in the gaming world. Look what you could be earning.

Steam could be the start of something insanely good; it's a goldmine for player base and advertising reach/power. I'm not saying it has to reach this level, but heck, even 1/5th of the way and it's a huge success.

*Could be*.

Should. Quake is a high octane battle, which is exactly what this culture loves to watch (think sport, films and TV. Christ, even magazines!). Quake and it's players deserve this kind of recognition.


EDIT: This is not about Quake vs DOTA2, it's about what Quake could be.