Some of you guys might know me from my previous movies:

Last Man Standing 1-3, Ra3Powertrip 1-2, So Fucking Yeah and so on.

Since i don't like the CA mode at QL i came up with this idea (That's why i also don't play QL, and i never will.)

I skipped through some of the topic's in here and saw that some ppl was speaking about getting ra3 populated again.

Why we dont try it? I mean i can invest in a server if needed, thats would be not that big problem. Plus we can get a new IRC Channel easily, and advertisement wouldn't be that hard or how should i say.
Like telling other ppl.

If that cannot be the case, why we dont make a date/appointment lets say every sunday 5v5 (can be up to 10v10), on my server which would be hosted in Germany, and play few rounds.

I'll be totally up with that!
What you guys think about that idea? It would be great!