........ with similar experience as me asap.

I love to play duel but i can only seem to find players who are much much better than me to play against.
my elo is embarrassing 774. the last 2 weeks iv played 112 duels and lost 91 of them.
the few i won was against players of my level or bellow.
I dont mind losing at all but when its 40 to nill it becomes quite disheartening.

I have a very experienced player who have tought me alot about the game. I have a nice config and a nice custom hud that i love and i honestly believe im better than my elo suggests but like i said, anyone i play against have been playing for years, even if their profile says otherwise you can just tell by how they time and play the game.

I understand timing and my movement is getting better. i understand to hold back and stack up before i think about a fight but im obviously to inexperienced to play these people.
Iv put a post on ql forum looking for duel partners but they dont seem to be as commuted to getting better as me and ignore me when i ask for a game. Or they are again experienced players looking for easy wins. 90% of the games i play is against players who shouldn't even be playing me, some have elo of 1600 +. some say they been playing quake since it started.
where is everyone where is just learning the game? why can i only play players who are far to good for me? can anyone help me find players at my level that we can both learn off?