Why do duelers join CA servers, and complain how shitty it is?

It's a legitimate question to ask -- I see it all the time. You can easily tell they're duelers, because the first thing they'll say is that dueling is so much better than CA. By routine, this usually happens after they get raped by 4 LG's at once or fragged by a random rocket across the map. That's CA for ya, and to be quite honest, I love it haha! It's weird how it's always duelers too. Out of the 5000+ CA games I played, I never seen native players from CTF, FFA, FREEZE, or TDM complain as much as duelers do when they're playing CA. My guess is that duelers have really big, but yet.....sensitive egos compared to the rest of the player base.

I was hoping some players who normally duel can shed some light on this particular trend because I'm seriously confused (and may I add...I don't give a shit which gametype involves more skill, I just play for fun).

"Duel me 1v1 f****t, I bet you wont".