This week on 'Quake is Dead' United States of America QuakePhil and Denmark ParadokS welcomes United Kingdom ddk and United States of America Cyanide.

I finally got a hold of ddk which I have been looking forward to for some weeks. He did not disappoint me and hopefully you will enjoy his insight as much as I did on QL vs QW TDM - self analasys, player improvement and much more.

Cyanide came on as well to present his application he just released - QWratings. With some practical examples he shows how fun it can be to explore this little application.

On a side note I'd just like to apologize for a technical fuc...mishap in the beginning of the show, resulting in losing the very cool intro video. Also the show ran over one and a half hour... why didn't anyone stop me?! If need be, you are welcome to cut the show in half and watch it over two lunch hours during the rest of the week. ;)

Also Phil is showing off some cool live streaming feature that we might take greater advantage of in the future. We hope you enjoy the show.

Watch now!