The truth

Racists. Yo.. we're all fucking racists and filled with hate. Shit is how we are built son, it's survival of the fittest man. Some races and people have things i don't got, so i hate em. Simple as that. Yea society and shit is all interconnected and race relations n shit is all uppity but man, fuck that shit. I don't exactly hate any race, but i am weary of some motherfuckers.

Chinks? fuck man, i hate you guys and your English accents, shit makes me lol every time, then i feel bad cuz you is serious and here i am laughing at a bitch. Come on man fix your shit. Also stop that karate shit, that shit aint gonna work if you 5 feet nothing, 100 pounds, rofl.

Indians? fuck off man. they keep calling me asking for surveys n trying to sell me shit. You know how hard it is to get a indian off the phone? sonofabitch. fuck you butcher

mexicans? yooo fuck man mexicans all want to fight me for some reason man, just fucked up. i look like i can fight cuz im a typical huge black guy but i cant hit shit, had to give some wetbacks my weed cuz they wanted to start shit outside a club once, fuck so angry, too much fucking beans n rice or something, we supposed to be brothas fighting against oppression from the white man

whities? man we cool and shit until it comes to money n women, then shit be all weird. yoyoyo its mostly envy brah. you fear my big black cock. anything else you can rationalize. white woman and a chink? he got money or is smart. white woman and fat guy? hes obviously fucking rich. white woman and unemployed black guy... yea son. 9 inches. You can buy a fast car, get some plastic surgery to look like tom hanks, shower her in bling and $$$ but you never gonna get a bigger cock than that black guy. that's a fact son, deal with it.

yea i forgot to mention women. yo, i love ALL WOMEN son, don't give a fuck what race, as long as tha bitch be hot, i'll be all up in dat shit, ya herd? dont even give a fuck if shes an alien bitch, green with 3 vaginas, i'll fuck em all and her ass for good measure.


oooh forgot to mention gays. gays? we cool, just don't touch me. but seriously gays in the military? you know the reason ppl don't like that shit? ill tell u here. its cuz if ur in the military with fags you are like terrified this fucker will get you killed man. think about it, gays love rainbows n shoes and shit. whats he really gonna do when he has to kill some bitches? slicing throats shooting 20 ppl with an ak-47, nah son he won't do that shit, he'll be skipping down the front line like a bitch trying to get my ass killed, fuck that noise. also if i get shot and i need a blood transfusion, this fag is gonna give me aids, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. if we actually hated gays we'd send them all into the military to afghanistan to get killed, seriously, gays wanna go die? FUCK YEA SEND EM ALL, but its a diff view son. its like if you train a gay man to incapacitate/kill other men, then they are like man rapists. we just created a rapists for other men, this shit is whack.

lesbos/women in the army? nobody gives a shit, of course people don't want em there either cuz they might get them killed n shit using the gay man reference of them being weak, but some bitches be scary son. fucking hoes lying to your face 'hows your breakfast honey, after she just sucked the mailmans dick' you kiss her on the lips, shit your chapstick is so salty baby. fuck, don't get me started on that shit where the bitch spread her legs for like 25 guys and then say ur the father then u find out that shit aint yours but the judge says pay support anyway, wtf man. fuck that shit NO DNA = NO PAY, could choke a bitch for that shit. god damn