It is done. After years of loyal service to yours truly, i had to put my trusty companion to sleep. He became increasingly slow in his old age - unresponsive, humorous, quirky and even downright disobedient. I loved him dearly, so i was biting the bullet and going along with it.

But enough is enough. The last straw was when he hang up for 10 minutes while opening a text page and then crashed my system.

Now i switched to Opera, and let me tell you fellas, it feels like i'm able to breathe for the first time in fucking ages. Everything is silky smooth, opens up *snap*, just like that, no hassles, no hiccups, flash vids load up super fast and play super smooth.

Maybe my pc is just too old to run FF properly, but it wasn't long ago, that i had none of the speed problems. Something got seriously fucked up with it after one or the other update - i think when Mozilla decided, for some reason, to start running plugins as a separate windows service. That put a huge strain on my system resources, which are rather limited.

Anyway, it's been 2 days now since i've started using Opera, and don't think i'm going back. It has all the plugins i need, it's super stable and in terms of speed, is a motorbike versus the Firefox tricycle.

But since i'm in the testing phase, i might as well try other browsers out. What do you guys use? Only other ones i ever tried were Safari, which was a slow, clunky piece of shit, and IE, which seems to download a new ad tab every fucking time i surf with it. Oh, and Netscape Navigator, way back when, which i remember was pretty decent (better than IE, anyway).