Hi there. One week ago, me and uodz we desided to reanimate IRC channel #qlpickup.ru. I knew there are many CTF/CA players on Moscow #2 public servers. I thought it will be nice, if we can bring them all together on #qlpickup.ru. We also made a test stream for first pickup games on GoodGame.ru. There is a VOD -> http://www.goodgame.ru/video.php?ocd=view&id=2120

[GoodGame.ru is the best e-sport portal in CIS. Visitors of this site are: wc3 players, sc/sc2 players, quake3/quakelive players, cs players, fifa players and others. GoodGame.ru management are very good guys, they help to develop e-sport in CIS. I already hosted QL "Nonpro" tourney in St-Petersburg, this "LAN" event was sponsored by Kasperskiy (Main sponsor of GoodGame.ru). On the 26th of december we will host another QL 1v1 tourney, this time it will be "Open Cup".]

I talked with many guys from other games, and they all told me, they enjoy QL streams.

We made a new FAQ for rookies, we plan to get russian ts3 server for all the players, and new bot for the channel as soon as possible. At the moment we have 4 admins: me (CTF/TDM), Azaro (CA), ZERG (CA/CTF), uodz (CTF). All Pro players have +av (Auto voice) on the channel. Force aka 4ce aka FoRcejkee from GoodGame.ru will provide streams for pickup games, also if you have good frags, send demos with time to him.

I was pleasantly surprised when I realise how many CTF players we actually have. I promise that we will make team Russia in CTF. I'm not sure, but I guess it will be for the first time, as far as I remember, russians never played ClanBase NC in CTF. Also we will make many content for noobs: FP streams, VODs, Videos with CTF tips, nonpro cups, interviews with top players, etc.

I am convinced that CTF is the best mode in Quake Live, I stopped playing duel, and now I'm quiting TDM. I will concetrate on development of CTF in Russia. I'm sure that this is the only mode, that can make Quake Live much bigger. At this moment this game is for 20 duel players and 2000-3000 spectators.

If u have good ping on Moscow #2, and you are interested in pickup games, you are welcome to #qlpcikup.ru!