Tonight is the end of the sign-up period for Ownage, the double elimination QuakeWorld Duel Tournament. This means that players can start playing their games, and with 176 confirmed participants, the QuakeWorld scene is looking forward to a blast of a tournament.

Not just the amount of players is impressive, also the list of top players who have signed up is above expectations, with a lot of old players making their comeback. As a pre-season build up, have conducted a series of interviews with some of the top contenders.

The players sharing their thoughts of the tournament include:
Finland Milton, Sweden LocKtar, Norway Rikoll, Sweden Valla, Russia xpr, Sweden kingpin, Finland xenic, Denmark niw, Finland LuGia and Quake3 star turned QuakeWorld rookie Sweden fooki

The interviews are available at

Links: Ownage, Participants, Brackets