Quakecon and Gamescom champion United States of America Shane "rapha" Hendrixson has given an interview to SK-gaming prior to the Global Challenge Dubai, for which his first game is scheduled to be played on the 18th of October. rapha talks about the Dubai event, Q3 legend Cooller and his fellow Americans. Find out why he considers DaHanG "a force to be reckoned" or l1nkje someone who "can't be taken lightly". Here is a teaser:
SK-Gaming: Cooller has been at least half out of shape for the past couple of years and seemingly only capable of winning a great map here or there in comparison to his form of old. What is your take on the current iteration of Cooller? Is he ready to reclimb the mountain and become one of that very small but elite handful of players again do you think? Do you feel as though he is a player who could rediscover the drive which once made him close to unbeatable?
rapha: I think he just needs the right motivation again to start putting in the time and effort needed to be at the top , he just needs something to play for. Maybe it's more $, maybe it's something else. There's no doubt that he could do it again, it's just a matter of whether he be willing to do it :) because knowing him, he hates losing.
If that tickles your fancy, check SK-gaming to read the full interview.