First of all everyone who doesnt have this GUI should deffinately get it, ive had it since it came out
and it just makes everything so much smoother and gets rid of the useless things you dont need, along with
fixing your rates and much more.



This is an awesome bunnyhop script, it's really good there are
no lag-jumps or half-jumps. Great script 10/10 I'd recommend it for anyone. Comes with easy
to follow instructions as well.
Also: here is a youtube video :P
Youtube Video:

Download Link:

(Credit to EliaN for creating the script)

Last but not least here is a cevo mousefix, improves gameplay, not sure how but i can see a huge difference
For everyone who dosnt have it, i just came across it myself, ive seen a huge improvement in my gameplay, i suggest everyone gets it.


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