I'm Sweden link the head admin and server administrator of #cpmpickup.

This is a message to all you mappers out there. We, the admins of #cpmpickup at qnet, are now hosting a mapping tournament to stimulate our lovely scene. The goal is to find at least one new team map for the community to play on a regular basis. The reason we are doing this is because most people in the scene are craving for a new, challenging map to play. The problem is though, as usual, that no one pulls their thumbs out of their ass and get things going.

What's in it for the mapper you might ask?
55 euros! That's right! We have a reward for our mighty winner that will be decided by the public in an open poll. This will be paid out via paypal since that's where the money is at the moment. If you want to receive the money in some other form you pay the transfer fees to banks and whatnot. The prize amount might increase if we receive donations from the public. It might not be much, but at least it's something for your work.

Happy mapping!
#cpmpickup admin team