I grabbed my camera and went to DreamHack where the Swedish Quake 3 ESWC qualifier took place. I did some video interviews with the Quake players and you can watch them by following the links below.

Interview with Prozac - Go here for the video
Prozac has been away from the scene for a while. In the interview he explains what he has been doing these last years. He also talks about his games against the new school players Arrw and Spartie. You will also find out why he doesn't think practicing with fox is the best way to prepare for a tournament.

Interview with fooKi - Go here for the video
fooKie is talking about why he is going back and forward from inactive to active and back again. He is also talking about his preparation for DreamHack. He also thinks the Swedish players might have an advantage when playing in the ESWC Masters in Paris.

Interview with Arrw - Go here for the video
Arrw didn't want to play his brother Z4muZ when he was younger since he got raped all the time. Nowadays the tables pretty much have turned.

Interview with Spartie- Go here for the video
When all the other gamers started playing Quake 4 Spartie stayed with Quake 3. In the interview he is talking about how actively he was playing Quake 3 during this time.

* Update * If there are any QuakeWorld fans out there you can watch the interview with Locktar, the winner of the QuakeWorld tournament.